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Autumn Crafts

napkindetail.JPG  Frog.JPG

I’m coming to terms with scraps.  Since I can’t seem to throw any sort of usable fabric away, I needed to figure out something to do with scraps.  Above are photos of a fall/autumn themed cloth napkin and a little stuffed frog I made using leftover bits of fabric and scraps.  Also in the works are bee napkins- a yellow background with a bee print and coordinating black rickrack trim- those are getting wrapped around the fresh loaves of chocolate chip pumpkin bread I baked tonight and given to very deserving people.  I have designs for a Christmas table runner and a Thanksgiving table cloth- applique’d and embroidered.  Photos to come if I can ever finish it all with the 24 bags I have due.


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The Amy Butler Addiction


I wasn’t into her fabric until I borrowed In Stitches from the library.  I renewed the book and had the worst time taking it back.  Within a week I bought the book, ordered a zillion of her quarter yards online, and began to almost idolize her designs.  The above squares came later and will be a quilt for me, eventually.

When the Sew It Kit came out I was beside myself with excitement and bought it immediately after the release.  Had I stopped to read the reviews I would’ve realized that it’s just a smaller version of In Stitches with 3 or 4 new projects.  You’d think this might put her on my shit list, and while I was disappointed at first, I’m still fanatical about her patterns and designs.  I’m crossing my fingers that she’ll come out with a bag book in the near future featuring all of her cute bag patterns.

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Coming Soon

Under construction at the moment, a sewing blog is coming soon.

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