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Wow. I’m still coming around from all of the holiday sewing. The joint cramps from the rotary cutter have subsided and I’m not missing the panic of another project to finish. I did OVERcommit and wish I’d allowed myself more time to work on my personal projects that I was giving as gifts, but it was a profitable month and the majority of my comissions were enjoyable.

There were 36 comissioned bags in all for friends and coworkers, a snazzy brown cord messenger bag with details from the Urban Chicks line- Blossom for my mom, 2 colorwheel quilts for my sisters, and microwave safe lavender scented rice bags for my secret santa at work. What didn’t get done- reusable grocery bags for my family, 12 months of German Santas wall hanging and matching table runner, embroidered handtowels to match the new bathroom color scheme, Urban Chicks Blossom quilt for my mom, and the quilts for a cure-Quilt Pink! lap quilt I designed for my sales rep. Half of these projects will be done in the first quarter of this year, the Christmas stuff is geting put away for next fall, and it’s time to start working on my new baby line.

If that wasn’t enough I found some beautiful felting yarn that meanders through a pink, cream, and brown color spectrum. I bought the last 3 skiens at a local shop, drove to BelAir to find only 3 more, and broke down and ordered 8 more online. I don’t have the patience for knitting and ripped umpteen projects off the needles last year, but this yarn is so luxurious that it’s inspired me to plow through. The goal is to have a finished wrap by February, and when it hits the point where it needs to go through the wash, it will be felted into a thick scarf.


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C’est Belle!

frenchybag2.jpg  insidefrenchy.jpg
That is the Frenchy Bag.  It’s one of my few successful attempts at following a pattern, and it’s an Amy Butler, of course.   I’d seen the bags on her website and love the little pleat in the front, plus it’s nice way to work two coordinating or contrasting fabrics together.  The beauty of it is, if you’re using home dec fabric, you don’t have to line it.  The one above is tote size, but I’m itching to try the pocketbook size.  Maybe this weekend…

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Autumn Crafts

napkindetail.JPG  Frog.JPG

I’m coming to terms with scraps.  Since I can’t seem to throw any sort of usable fabric away, I needed to figure out something to do with scraps.  Above are photos of a fall/autumn themed cloth napkin and a little stuffed frog I made using leftover bits of fabric and scraps.  Also in the works are bee napkins- a yellow background with a bee print and coordinating black rickrack trim- those are getting wrapped around the fresh loaves of chocolate chip pumpkin bread I baked tonight and given to very deserving people.  I have designs for a Christmas table runner and a Thanksgiving table cloth- applique’d and embroidered.  Photos to come if I can ever finish it all with the 24 bags I have due.

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The Amy Butler Addiction


I wasn’t into her fabric until I borrowed In Stitches from the library.  I renewed the book and had the worst time taking it back.  Within a week I bought the book, ordered a zillion of her quarter yards online, and began to almost idolize her designs.  The above squares came later and will be a quilt for me, eventually.

When the Sew It Kit came out I was beside myself with excitement and bought it immediately after the release.  Had I stopped to read the reviews I would’ve realized that it’s just a smaller version of In Stitches with 3 or 4 new projects.  You’d think this might put her on my shit list, and while I was disappointed at first, I’m still fanatical about her patterns and designs.  I’m crossing my fingers that she’ll come out with a bag book in the near future featuring all of her cute bag patterns.

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Coming Soon

Under construction at the moment, a sewing blog is coming soon.

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